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Finishing Your Basement – Upgrade Your Hot Water System

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Finishing Your Basement - Upgrade Your Hot Water System 2

A freshly finished basement needs upgraded appliances, and that includes your hot water heater. Which is the best system for your basement? We’ll take a look at the popular systems available to Virginia homeowners.

3 Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater

1. Save Money

Upgrading your hot water system will save you money in two ways. One, your new system will be more energy-efficient. Today’s new hot water systems are designed to lower your energy use, which translates to lower bills. 

You’ll also save money on repairs. Older systems and appliances need more maintenance, and they break down a lot. Stop wasting your time waiting around for a plumber, and get a reliable new system.

2. Get Consistently Hot Water 

Are you tired of the hot water running out just when you step into the shower? If there are several people in your house, do you have to take turns using the hot water? With an efficient new system, you’ll cut down on your worries. 

You shouldn’t be wasteful with water, but a new system will make it easier for everyone to enjoy the warmth.

3. Reduce Energy

When you choose an energy-efficient water heater, you conserve energy and reduce the carbon imprint of your home.

Tankless System

A tankless water heater is an excellent choice for your basement. Why?

• It’s compact. Its small size means you can install one easily in your finished basement. It fits anywhere, even under a sink or on the wall.
• It’s extremely efficient. With a tankless system, there’s no storage tank that holds the hot water. Instead, the burner heats water on demand. A tankless heater never runs out of hot water, and it doesn’t spend energy keeping the tank hot. There’s no wasted electricity and no wasted money with a tankless heater.
• You never run out of hot water. With the heating on demand, you never have to wait for the water to get warm.
• It’s a greener choice. According to the government’s Energy Star program, tankless heaters can be up to 34% more efficient than conventional water heaters.

Heat Pump Hybrid Heater

Although this is an extremely efficient system, we don’t recommend it for basements because it relies on access to warm ground and air temperatures to work. In a cold basement, it won’t work that well.

Solar-Powered Hot Water Heater

If you already have solar panels, this could work for you. A solar hot water heater is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It is expensive, however, and you’ll need a backup power source when there’s no sunlight.

Condensing Water Heater

This system uses heated exhaust from your natural gas system to heat water. It holds the water in a tank, but it uses very little energy to keep that water hot. According to Energy Star ratings, this system uses half the energy of a traditional heater. If your home already uses natural gas for energy, we recommend it.

• It is one of the most energy-efficient systems.
• You can choose a tank size that’s right for your family.
• If you already use natural gas, you will save a lot of money.

Which One Is Right for Your Basement?

If you need a new hot water system, talk to the experts at Loudoun Basements. We’ll help you choose the one that works well, saves you money, and is the perfect fit for your new basement.